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9005 ABS material; Lift weigh test

Ref No.: 9005 / Material: ABS Virgin

Max lift weight: 0.54KN= 55kg; the middle bar part is broken


9509 Plastic coffin handle; lift weight test

Ref No.: 9509 / Material: ABS Virgin

Max Lift weight: 0.59KN= 60kg; the middle bar is broken

1002 Metal handle; lift weight test

Ref No.: 1002 / Material: zamak point and steel bar
1pc of zamak point can lift more than 80kg

Lift weight: 1.3KN=133kg; the screw are pull off from wooden panel

It can lift more than 150kg and less than 200kg in one handle

1010-2 zamak coffin handle; half moon design

Ref No.: 1010-2/ Zamak 218g

Lift weight test: Max lift weight 1.47KN (150kg) per piece
Result: the feets part is broken when the lift force reach to 150kg.